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51 'Admissions to the Freedom of York: Temp. Henry VIII (1509-47)', Register of the Freemen of the City of York: Vol. 1: 1272-1558 (1897), pp. 233-67. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.asp?compid=48273&strquery=Laydman.


[1537/8] Guido Laydman, glover
[1577/8] Johannes Laydman, dier, fil. Guidonis Laydman, glover.
[1584/5] Edwardus Laydman, porter, fil. Guidonis Laydman, glover

Tradesmen of York (1272-1558)
No man or woman could trade in the city of York without having obtained 'freedom' of the city.Their names were recorded on the 'Freemen's Roll', or Register of the Freemen of the City of York, which contains about 19,900 names for this period. A list of names was prepared for each year, the year being here reckoned as starting at Michaelmas (29 September) until 1373, and thence at Candlemas (2 February). Each annual list starts with the name of the mayor and the camerarii or chamberlains. The chamberlains were freemen charged with the duty of receiving the fees of the new freemen; of seeing that only freemen traded in the city; and of preparing this roll, which was compiled from the names on their own account books from the receipts for the fees. There are three groups of freemen: those who obtained freedom after serving out an apprenticeship to a freeman; the children of freemen; and those who claimed freedom by 'redemption', i. e. by purchase or gift from the Mayor and Court of Aldermen.

Possibly a brother of Henry Laidman (E1803) 
LAYDMAN, Guy or Guido or Guidonis (I16679)
52 'Inhabitants of London in 1638: St. Andrew, Middlesex', The inhabitants of London in 1638 (1931), pp. 192-197. URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=32070. Date accessed: 10 January 2008.
Robt. Laidman......£8 
LADIMAN, Robert (I2881)
53 ( The Year 1789 ) Page 93

No 164
Banns of Marriage between Joseph Laidman Batchelor. &
Rebecca Jane Goods Spinster
both of this Parish were published on the three Sundays underwritten :
That is to say, On Sunday, the 13.th of Dec.r Vincent Green Minis.r
On Sunday, the 20.th of December John Forbes Mintr
On Sunday, the 27.th of December John Forbes

Dec.r 28.th 1789

Joseph Laidman of this Parish Batchelor & Rebecca
Jane Goods of this Parish Spinster were married in
this Church by Banns this 27.th of Dec.r 1789
by me John Forbes [Minister]
this marriage was solemniz’d between us } J Laidman
} Rebecca Jane Goods
} her X mark
in the presence of { Samuel [illegible: Partg...]
{ E Dobson 
Family F2558
54 (--), Lady of Bainton, one of the four sisters and coheirs of Geoffrey Haget, and daughter of Bertram Haget, both of Wighill, Bainton, and Healaugh, Yorkshire. [Complete Peerage V:393 note (d)] HAGET, Unknown Lady of Bainton, Yorkshire (I32004)
55 (Ernest) Rupert Bertram Ogilvy; b 3 Sept 1895; Sub-Lt RNVR WW I; m 1 Aug 1931 Flora (d 20 Dec 1981), yr dau of Cdr Gerald Talbot Napier, RN, and widow of Henry Lane Eno, of Bar Harbor, Maine, and d 7 Aug 1939. FREEMAN-MITFORD, (Ernest) Rupert Bertram Ogilvy (I11936)
56 (old) St Paul’s Cathedral de ROET, Sir Paon or Payne or Gilles (I21930)
57 (Reg 13657) CURNICK, Sarah Ann (I12899)
58 (Reg 13657) CURNICK, Sarah Ann (I13292)
59 -1930: 26 Castleton Road, Walthamstow
1930-1936: 23 Derby Road, Woodford
1936-1938: The Cottage, Copped hall, Epping
1938-1968: 5 Reynards Road, Welwyn
1968-1972: 1 Orchard Road, Welwyn
1972: Cremated Garston Crematorium, Watford 
GARNER, Margaret Amy (I751)
60 ...And that halfe part or moiety of that pasture Ground called West pasture containing by estimacon eight acres of ground bee the same more or lesse to the said farm house or Messuage belonging as the same now are or late were in the tenure of William Laydman Sonne of Richard Laydman or some other person or persons from by or under him at and under the yearly rent of seaventeene shillings and two pence.

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/HH 3/4/209
8 November 1664
(1) Leonard Tompson of Bowes, Yorkshire, yeoman
(2) William Laidman of Bowes, yeoman
Bargain and sale by (1) to (2), with livery of seisin endorsed of 2 pasture gates in Bowes West Pasture
Consideration: £9
(parchment, 1 membrane) 
LAIDMAN, William (I11025)
61 ...And three Cattlegates in the field or pasture Ground called Cow Close To the said last mentioned Messuage or Tenement belonging As the same now are or late were in the Tenure or occupation of Thomas Laydman sonne of William Laydman his Assignee or assignees or undertennant or undertennants at and under the yearly rent of Five shillings and eleven pence...

Must have been born before 1689 as he is mentioned in his grandfather Richard's Will (q.v.).

Possibly the Thomas Laidman who was buried in Bowes 31 October 1707 ‘Thomas Laidman of Red-mire-banck’. Or the Thomas who was buried in Bowes on 11 April 1714 ‘Thomas Laidman of the East end of Bowes’. 
LAIDMAN, Thomas (I11026)
62 ...And two Cattlegates in the field or pasture Ground calle Cow Close To the said last mentioned Messuage or Tenement belonging as the same now are or late were in the tenure or occupation of George Laydman his assignee or assignees undertennant or undertennants at and under the yearely rent of One Shilling and fower pence...

London City Apprenticeship Abstracts (1442-1850):
Laidman, Thomas, son of George, Bowes, Yorkshire, innholder, to Benjamin Bennett, 24 Jan 1687/8, Cutlers’ Company.
(and see notes on son Thomas) 
LAIDMAN, George (I10908)
63 ...around [1126], William Mortimer of Attleborough, in Norfolk, was active as an envoy between England and Scotland and assisted in the introduction of Norman style feudalism into lowland Scotland, by arranging the marriage of young Norman knights into the Scottish aristocracy. de MORTIMER, William of Attleborough, Norfolk (I31165)
64 ...being a person of a proud and turbulent spirit, opposed strenuously the accession of King Henry II., upon the demise of King Stephen, and induced Roger, Earl of Hereford, to fortify his castles of Gloucester and Hereford against the new monarch; himself doing the same with his castles of Cleobury, Wigmore, and Brugges (commonly called Bridgenorth). Whereupon Gilbert Foliot, at that time Bishop of Hereford, addressing himself to the Earl of Hereford (his kinsman), by fair persuasions soon brought him to peaceable submission. But Mortimer continued obstinate, the king was forced to raise an army, and at the point of the sword to bring him to obedience. Between this rude baron, and Joceas de Dynant, at that time Lord of Ludlow, existed a feud, carried to so fierce a pitch, that Dynant could not pass safely out of his castle for fear of being taken by Mortimer's men. But is so happened, that setting his spies to take all advantages of Dynant, he was surprised himself, and carried prisoner to Ludlow, where he was detained until he paid a ransom of 3,000 marks of silver. He was oftentimes engaged against the Welsh, and he erected some strong castles in Wales. He likewise finished the foundation of the abbey of Wigmore, begun by his father, and in his old age became a canon of that house.


Hugh de Mortimer, son and heir [of Ralph]. Hugh de Mortimer attested a charter by Gerold, Abbot of St. Lucien at Beauvais [1100-28], in the time of Stephen, Count of Aumale. When King Stephen, circa 1140, granted to the Earl of Leicester the town and castle of Hereford et lotum comitatum Herefordisc., the fees of Hugh de Mortimer were with others excepted. In 1144 he initiated the reconquest of the Marches after the revolt of the Welsh on the death of Henry I, by successfully reoccupying the cantreds of Maelienydd and Elfael, and repairing the castles of Cwmaron and Colwen. In 1145 he captured and imprisoned the Welsh prince Rhys ap Howel, and in 1146 he slew Meredith, son of Madog ap Idnerth, late chieftain of Elfael and Maelienydd. In 1148 he blinded his prisoner Rhys ap Howel. The name of his wife is unknown. He seems to have died in the period 1148-50. [Complete Peerage IX:268-9] 
de MORTIMER, Hugh Lord of Wigmore (I22767)
65 ...living 41 Edw. III 1367, and from whom the Mitfords of Ponteland descended. de MITFORD, Anthony (I3627)
66 ...who granted 6d. a year out of land in Morpeth to the Abbott of Newminster, for the good of her soul, and of the soul of Hugh, her husband (Newminster Chart. fol. 184) Christiana (I3619)
67 ...yeoman, son of Mark Laidman LAIDMAN, Thomas (I10958)
68 ...[I]t is clear that she had been married and widowed at least twice already by [the time she succeeded, 1231], as the charter she gave the priory of Grace Dieu [which she founded] in 1231x41 mentions her husbands (in the plural), amongst others....The identity of her first husband is unknown, but he must have died before 4 September 1225 when Henry III sent a letter to Roesia urging her to marry Theobald II Butler [RLC, vol. 2, p. 60] (also called Theobald Walter in contemporary sources), the heir to the lordship of Nenagh in County Tipperary, who had himself previously been married to Geoffrey de Marisco's daughter.

'[Theobald Walter] has so misconducted himself in regard to the king, that although he has married the justiciary's (Geoffrey de Marisco's) daughter, and has by her a son, the justificary would, if it is the king's will, deprive him of all the land which he holds of the king in Ireland'. [CDI, vol. 1, no. 1443] This notice dates to about August 1226, so that Geoffrey's comments must relate to a past marriage.

Roesia may have been reluctant to marry him as Henry sent another letter to her father, asking him to encourage her to make the match. [RLC, vol. 2, p. 60]....Roesia did indeed marry Thoebald Butler and had at least two children by him, a son, John, and a daughter, Matilda. John was to inherit the de Verduns' lands from his mother, having already adopted her toponym at least five years before her death....Matilda, who might have been married to Walter II de Lacy before his death between 1238 and 1241,
 de VERDUN, Rohese (I23139)
69 1 Epsilon Court, William Street LAIDMAN, William (I3378)
70 1 Garnet Street KING, Lilian Mary Elizabeth (I5497)
71 1 Hambleton Street MURDOCH, John (I5478)
72 1 Hambleton Street SHARROW, Fannie Amelia (I5479)
73 1 Hawthorn Road SETTERS, Bertha Louise (I15309)
74 1 Hawthorn Road HARDY, Mildred (I15310)
75 1 Inkerman Terrace, Ordnance Road, Enfield Highway, Middx SORRELL, Thomas Clarence (I16009)
76 1 John Street SMELLIE, Mary (I12845)
77 1 Paradise Gardens LAIDMAN, George (I14523)
78 1 South Street ABBOTT, Joshua Arthur (I12866)
79 1 Tavern Court, Quag Lane DAWSON, James (I15773)
80 1 Thoydon Road SORRELL, Samuel Burford (I15844)
81 1 William Terrace SORRELL, Francis Henry (I15876)
82 1 William Terrace SORRELL, Francis Henry (I15876)
83 1 William Terrace SORRELL, Sidney Leopold (I15878)
84 1 William Terrace SORRELL, Albert Ernest (I15881)
85 1 William Terrace SORRELL, Alma Alberta Catherine Helvina (I16050)
86 1. All Saints C/E Church Records 2. Mercury Newspaper Index HARBOTTLE, Francis (I2757)
87 1. Dept. of Justice Folio no. 0392 2. Mercury Newspaper Index HARBOTTLE, Joseph (I2758)
88 1. Dept. of Justice Folio no. 1286 2. Mercury Newspaper Index HARBOTTLE, Thomas Edward (I2761)
89 1. Dept. of Justice Folio no. 1433 2. Mercury Newspaper Index HARBOTTLE, Ann Aldridge (I2999)
90 10 Coolinge Terrace GORDON, William Kyrle Montague (I1240)
91 10 Granville Terrace, Lee DIMMOCK, Thomas William (I609)
92 10 Jun 1285, Westminster
Licence, notwithstanding the custom that the marriage of relicts who hold in chief appertains to the king, for Robert de Nevili to marry Ingreda, late the wife of William le Botiler of Wemme, tenant in chief.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 2, p. 173
24 May 1293, Westminster
The like to the same touching the persons who entered the park of Robert de Nevill and Angareta his wife at Overeslegh, held as the dower of Angareta of the gift of William le Botiller, sometime her husband.
Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edw. I, vol. 3, p. 46


Angharad is a Welsh name, having a long association with Welsh royalty, history and myth. It translates to English as much loved one. 
GRUFFUDD, Ankaret or Angharad ferch (I25684)
93 102 Dartford Road SORRELL, Herbert Hale (I15985)
94 105 Harland Street ALLCOCK, Eleanor Louise (I12500)
95 1050: built Benedictine Abbey of Schaffhausen, Switzerland von NELLENBURG, Saint Eberhard V Count of Zurichgau & Nellenburg (I32546)
96 106 Polden Street LAIDMAN, Louis Henry (I16924)
97 106, Framwellgate, Durham LAIDMAN, Martha (I3202)
98 11 Faraday Grove, Saltwell Road LAIDMAN, Mary (I16944)
99 11 Faraday Grove, Saltwell Road LAIDMAN, Ann (I16945)
100 110 Campbell Street OLDHAM, Peter (I4381)

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