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151 162 Parkway SORRELL, John (I15725)
152 1664, 3 June. Will of Grace Forster of Newham, widow, proved in the same year: executors, son Edward, and brother William Armorer; names her sons, John and Edward, and daughters, Mary and Grace, and devised to son Richard her corn at Newham, 30 oxen, etc. Raine, Testamenta. ARMORER, William (I20274)
153 1666, Nov. Bond of marriage, Francis Forster of Nether Buston and Grace Forster spinster.

In 1683 Grace Forster took out letters of administration to the effects of her uncle Nicholas Forster of Newcastle, merchant, who had died at her house at Low Buston in 1679. In the same year she and her husband undertook the guardianship of her sister Mary's three children. Raine, Testamenta. 
FORSTER, Grace (I20227)
154 1666: North Side, Bowes, Yorks. LAIDMAN, Richard (I10410)
155 1683, 10 Sept. Marriage settlement of Richard Forster of Newham and Eleanor, one of the daughters of the Hon. Edw. Widdrington of Felton. Richard Forster covenants, within 3 months next after he shall attain the age of 21, to grant a jointure of £200 to the said Eleanor; in case she shall survive him. Edward Widdrington covenants that he and Sir Thos. Horsley, knight, grandfather on the mother's side, shall pay to Forster, as the marriage portion of the said Eleanor, £1,000. Lambert MSS.

1687, June, 'Mr. Richard Forster of Newham papist' was godfather to a son of John Forster of Beadnell. Bamburgh Reg.

“18th Jan., 1721: Mr. Richard Forster of Scremerton, late of Newham, bur.” 
FORSTER, Richard of Newham (I20257)
156 1691: of Melwaters
1696: of Kilmondwood

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/HH 10/8/1
Copy of the will of William Hutchinson of Clements Inn, Middlesex, Esquire [dated 30 September 1693]. Recites his erection of an almshouse for six poor people and a school for the children of the parish of Bowes. Devises his real estate in Streethead and Romaldkirk to William Fielding [sic] of Startforth, Charles Whitwell of Gilmonby, Henry Bourne of Cotherstone George Edwards of Barnard Castle and others upon trust to be used to maintain the six poor alms people etc. The Rector of Romaldkirk is to act as custodian of the almshouse. The inmates are to be protestants chosen from the townships of Romaldkirk parish (one from Cragg, one from Lartington and Naby, one from Cotherstone, one from Hunderthwaite, Briscoe, Hury or Baldersdale, another from Mickleton, Lenton, Holwick or Lune and the sixth from Romaldkirk). Inmates may be male or female, married or single but may not marry after admittance. No blind or diseased person to be admitted and all to be over 60 years. Drunkards, brawlers, blasphemers, adulterers, fornicators etc. shall be displaced. Recites that the schoolmaster at Bowes receives the profits of Sleightholme farm for a stipend. Devises this with a £5 rent charge out of East and West Annams, Bowes to trustees William Fielding, Michael Wrightson, William Hanbury, Percival Brunskell, Thomas Brunskell, Robert Harrison and William Dixon, Charles Whitell, John Laidman the younger, James Richardson, Lionel Mitchell, Thomas Hanby, John Bailey Kipling and John Allison, George Edwards, Charles Garfoot and John Johnson to pay £10 p.a. to the schoolmaster at Bowes and use the rest of the income to maintain the schoolhouse. The governors are to be substantial men, inhabitants of Bowes and Startforth. Specified method of appointment of schoolmaster, outline of his duties and the syllabus. The children of those inhabitants who have withdrawn from using the corn mill purchased by the testator to be penalised. 50 to 60 scholars to be the normal complement. Those of poor people in the parish of Bowes to be taught free [Copy early 19th Century]
(1 file) 
LAIDMAN, John of Killmond Wood (I10744)
157 1693: Gilmonby, Bowes

Durham Record Office, D/Ed 15/3/128

Transcript of Interrogatories to be ministered to witnesses on behalf of
William Courte, plaintiff against John Laydman deft. From Public Record
Office, Durham re land at Barnard Castle, n.d. [20th century]
(paper, 3 folios)

Public Record Office
Dep. Exch. 7 Jas I. Trin. 10. Durham [1 sheet] (1700)

Interrogatories to be ministered to the witnesses on behalfe of Wm.
Courte gent. Compt. Against John Laydman deft.

1) Do you know the parties, complt. & deft. And one parcell of
ground in Barnard Castle, comonly knowne and called by the name of
Thornegate foote? And one house in Barnard Castle, wherein the said
John Laydman now dwelleth, yea or no? And which was the lowest house of
Thornegate on the West side of the Streete before the buylding of the
same house?

2) To whose lands or upon what knowne places doth the said
p[ar]cell of ground called Thornegate foot Adjoyne and Abutt upon, the
east, west, south and north sides? And which be the true and known
lymitts of the same on everyside?

3) Do you know or have credably harde that the late Queen Elizabeth
by letters patents 16 July anno 24 grantedˇThornegate foote among other
things to Christopher Rookebye Esq. For 21 years from the feast of the
Annunciation then last past, yearly rent 2/- ?

4) Do you know that Chr. Rookebye gave leave to one Ambrose Sayre
deceased, to build one "Mansion house or dwelling house" on the said
parcell of ground? And whether is the whole house buylded upon the said
ground, or how much of the same is buylded thereon? And upon whose
lands is the Residence of the house seated and builded? And is not the
same house the one where John Laydman the deft. Now dwells and

page 2

for which the suite is now commenced by Wm. Court against deft?

5) Do you know that John Clopton esq. Late of Shadwishe (?) in the
Bishoprick of Durham, deceased, bought Rookeby's whole interest in
Thornegate foote (among other things) and afterwards purchased the same
from Queen Elizabeth or her assignes?

6) Do you know two parcells of ground in Barnard Castell called two
gardens lately occupied by Henry Mason and John Arye, where do they lye,
and on whose lands do they abutt on every side? And how far have they
extended every way in your recollection?

Commission, Westminster 23 May Jas I742 to Wm. Wickeliffe esq. John
Wickeliffe esq. Ninian (?) Gylington gen. John Dowthwaite gen. [on back]
Exam. Taken at Whorleton 12 June, annis infra script before Wm.
Wickeliffe esq. John Wickeliffe esq. And John Dowthwait gen. [all sign]

Depositions taken at Whorleton in the Bishopric of Durham, on behalf of
Wm. Courte gent. Complt. against John Laydman deft. Nicholas Eastgate,
of Barnard Castle, cutler, aged three score and eighteen or abt. sworn--
--- ?

1) Knows deft. Land & house, where deft. now lives. The house
whrein one Powlson [alt. From Pear ----] lately did dwell was the lowest
house on Thornegate, on the west side of the street which afterward came
to one Blenkinsoppe and after him to one Fothergill, after the building
of the house. Cannot depose further.
(? The house)

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2) The house adjoyneth to Powleson house on the North and South
ward to the River of Teyse, on the west to a wall which divided the same
from Mason and Arye closes or garthes And in the Myles and the said
house also do stand in the said full of grounde called Thornegate Foote.

3) Has heard by credible reporte that Chr. Rookeby had a lease for
what term or rent he knows not. "And hereunto he is Induced to speake
for that he did knowe the said Christopher Rookebye to take the fifitts
(?) of the mylles and of said parcell of ground called Thornegate

4) Ambrose Sayre had a grante from Rookeby and occupation of the
mills. And at that tyme obteyned licence of the said Christopher
Rookeby to buyld a mansion or dwelling house upon that p[ar]cell of land
called Thornegate foote. And for his more ease pulled downe the gavell
wall of the aforesaid house called Powleson house, and did give to a
poor woman dwelling therein foure shillings for her consent and goodwill
That he might Inlarge his house thereby. And that the said house
wherein the said Laydman now dwelleth standeth all on Thornegate foote
saveing that gavell wall, and is the house now in question.

5) He knoweth the gardens or closes late of John Arye and Henry
Mason, and that they joyne on the east on the garth ends of the Chantery
houses And on the north to Thornegate

page 4

weynd And on the west to the Mill warrantt, and on the south to a late
hedge which devided the same gardens from the Iland next the River of
Teyse. And hatto (?) been so reputed dureing all the time of [his]
remembrance. Cannot depose further. "saveing that there is a peare tree
standing at the garth ends of the said Chantrys which was and is the
true bounders between the said Mason and Arye Close or gardens And the
said garth ends of the Chantryes and that the peare tree was called
Woddmasse tree and doth stand in the garth end which late belonged to one
Woddmosse and now is in the occupation of Michaell Applebye, and that
the said peare tree did more Inclyne and stand in the close or gardens
called Arye and Masons Closes then to Woddmosse garth aforesaid."

Wm. Wilson, of Barnard Castell, mercer aged three score & 16 or
thereabouts, sworne and examined.

1) As his precontest [i.e. the previous witness]

2) He knew Powlson house and the parcell of ground called
Thornegate foote before the mylles were buylded. And at that time thre
was a little Cobling walle that led from Powleson house to the Teyse
stones on the south and was the division between the said Thornegate
foote and the close or gardens called Naysion and Arye gardens on the
west side. The said Thornegate foote did abutt on Powlesons house on
the north, this was reputed and taken for the true bounder of Thornegate

page 5

foote dureing his remembrance.

3,4,5 & 6. As his precontest "saveing that he was not privye to the
composition between Ambrose Sayre and Powlson, neyther to the pulling
downe of the gavle wall."

John Glover of Barnard Castle, mason, aged three score or thereabouts.

1 & 2. Knows deft. and the boundaries as Nicholas Eastgate and Wm.

3 & 4. As Nicholas Eastgate "saveing that Ambrose Sayre did at the
building of the same house nowin question take from the said house the
quantity of two yardes of grounde or theiraboutes and gave to the poor
woman called Cecill Powlson four shillings for agreement. And he
knoweth better to depose herein for that he was a workman at the same
house and was s'vantt to his father who slated the house on the one

5 & 6 As Eastgate

Margaret Robinson of Barnard Castle aged 3 score and 16 or thereabouts.

1,2,3,4,5 & 6. As her precontests "saveing that she knoweth not
how much in quantity the said Ambrose Sayre did take from Powlson's
house to Inlarge the house "nor how much money he gave to Cecill Powlson
but that there was money given.
[signed] Wm. Wicliffe John Wicliffe John
LAIDMAN, John of Killmond Wood (I10772)
158 17 Apr 1865, John Hill, full, bachelor, Spinner, Barnard Castle, son of David Hill, Designer,
Anne Laidman, 16, spinster, Barnard Castle, daur of Thomas Laidman, Pensioner.
Both signed. Banns
Wits: Sarah Jane Dobson, Miles Robinson 
Family F7965
159 17 Heath Street BOATWOOD, Mary (I5433)
160 17 Invicta Road JOHNS, Alfred Walter (I15527)
161 17 Rogers House, Elmore Road FARRELLY, Frances Matilda Mary Ann ‘Queenie’ (I15455)
162 17 Sophia Road TESKEY, Doreen Lilian (I16238)
163 1703: Bowes Church Seating Plan gives 2 pews for Ralph

Will of Ralph Laidman J1247, 30 August 1730:
In the Name of God Amen I Ralph Laidman of the parish of Kir[by] Ravensworth in the County of York yeom[?] Doe Make & Ordaine this my last Will & Testamt. Imprimis I give & bequeath Unto my son Thomas Laidman in token of my love & respect Thirty pounds having already given & paid him his filliall or childs porson [=portion?] as alsoe the sum of One hundred pounds wch. was given & bequeathed to him in & by the last Will of Thomas Lonsdale his Uncle Item I give & bequeath Unto my two Daughters Elizabeth & Mary Laidman & to Either of them the sum of One hundred & Fifty pounds & doe ordn. & appoynte that the same be in full satisfaccõn & discharge of & for the Bequests or Legacys of [?] pounds againe Given or bequeathed to them in & by the last Will of the sd Thomas Lonsdale & all Other their Respective claim[s] or demands by or Undr. the sd. Will I alsoe give & bequeath Unto my sd two Daugh Daughters Equally to be divided between them All my plate [?lining] & household goods or household stuff & Implems. of my househo[l]d Furniture of what Nature sort Quallity or kind soever the same are or doe [? ?] allowing [thereof?] to my Dear Wife soe long as she shall remain my Widdow the use of such [?] thereof as for the [?] Occasions shall Require the same to be Allotted & [?] for her Use as aforesd by & att the discretion of my good friend dV[?] Thomas Broughill of Barnard Castle And I doe hereby Ordn. & appoynt the sd three [?sevalle ?smalle] Legacys above mentioned be paid wlein the space of twelve months next after my decease & doe hereby charge & subject as well my Reall as personall [?] paymt. thereof Item I give & Devise to my loving Wife during her life all that Messuage house farmhold or Tenemt. [?] the lands & grounds thereunto belonging & called or known by the Name of Robsons House & ground & doe hereby Ratify & confirm the settlemt. of Fifteen pounds [?] of my Estate att Bows heretofor[?] settled or made payable Unto my Sd Wife or to her Use during her life And doe hereby Ord. & declare [?] in full satisfaccion & Discharge of all [?] clai[ms] out of all & every [?] of my Reall or personall Estate [?] colour or pretence of any settlemt. or joynture Or of the [?] or [?] att [next nine or ten words illegible] I give & Devise Unto my eldest son Henry Laidman & to his heirs & assigns forever All my Messuages Lands Tenemt & [?] whatsoever or wheresoever [?] satisfying & [? ?] as well as the three sevall legacys above mentioned As alsoe all & Every my Just debts whatsoever tr to whomsoever due whether by specially or simple contract Itam I give & bequeath Unto my son Henry All Other my Goods Cattelle Chattells Rights Creditts & parsonall Estate whatsoever Except what is given & bequeathed to my two Daughters as above said And doe hereby Constitute & Appoynt my Son Henry Laidman sole Executor of this my last Will.

Signed Sealed published & Declared
by the Testator as his last Will and
Testament in the presence of us who [signed] Ralph Laidman
subscribed out names in his presence
this thirtyeth day of August Ao Dñ 1730

Elizabeth ^her Mlk^ Carter
William [illegible ?Ewer]
Chr: Smales 
LAIDMAN, Ralph of Kirby Ravensworth (I10993)
164 171 Church Street MURDOCH, Isla Bessie (I5469)
165 172 Devons Road HODGE, Elizabeth (I15679)
166 1720, 6 July. Mr. Edw. Forster of Warkworth and Mrs. Frances Strother of Buston in ye parish of
Warkworth were married in ye parish church of Edlingham by license. Edlingham Reg.

In 1722 Edward Forster of Morpeth Grainge house voted for Higham Dykes. Poll Book. His wife
was Frances Carr of Lesbury, widow of Henry Strother of Bilton Banks, under whose will she had a life estate in his lands (some 50 acres) in Nether Buston. For these lands Edward Forster appeared at the Manor Court of Wark in 1737. Court Roll.

1746, 15 Aug. Will of Edw. Forster of Higham Dikes (proved same year) 'to my wife Frances the
tea equipage and the silver punch bowl, given by my late brother in law Charles Carr deceased; my sister Elizabeth and brother Francis £30 per annum a piece, out of my tithe of Tuggal and Tuggal hall; John Holdley, son of my sister in law Margaret Holdley; my brother in law Mr. John Carr of Lesbury; my lands to my brother John and his heirs.' Raine, Testamenta. His widow resided at Alnmouth. 
FORSTER, Edward of Higham Dykes (I2864)
167 1725-8: Of Woodhorn, NBL (Bill of Complaint, below).

Mentioned in his grandfather, Revd. Christopher Laidman’s Will.

See under the record of Laidman Green the transcript of a Bill of Complaint by John and his brother Laidman Green, against their uncle Revd. John Laidman et al. concerning the Will of Christopher Laidman. 
GREEN, John (I11941)
168 1725-8: Of Woodhorn, NBL (Bill of Complaint, below).

Transcript of a Bill of Complaint of John Green and Laidman Green, of Woodhorn, concerning the Will and Goods of Christopher Laidman of Woodhorn [J1037 - died 1724], undated (1725-1728):

"[Added, above left: "14... May 1728"],

[added, above centre: "Malthus" who would have been an official of the court],

[at head: "To The R(igh)t Hon(ou)r(a)ble Peter, Lord King, Baron of Ockham, Lord High Chancell(o)r of Great Brittain"],

Humbly Complaining, Shew unto yo(u)r Lordship yo(u)r Orators [i.e., the plaintiffs] John Green and Laidman Green, both of Woodhorn in the County of Northumberland, Gentlemen, That yo(u)r Orat(o)rs Grandfather, Christopher Laidman, late of Woodhorn aforesaid, Clerk, Did, on or about the twenty first day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & eighteen, make his last Will & Testament in writeing, and haveing thereby bequeathed some Legacyes, he gave all the rest & residue of his Personall Estate to his wife Catherine, and of his said Will did constitute & appoint his Said wife Sole Executrix,

And yo(u)r Orators further Shew that soon after the makeing ["of" omitted] the said Will, and in the lifetime of the said Christopher Laidman, the said Catherine departed this life,

And yo(u)r Orators further Shew unto yo(u)r Lords(hi)pp that, on or about the eleaventh day of March one thousand Seven hundred and twenty three [= 1724], the said Christopher Laidman also dyed, leaving a very great Personal Estate, Consisting in ready money, Plate, Jewells, Household goods of all Sorts, Horses, Oxen, Cows, Sheep, Swine, and other living Cattle [= livestock], Corn in the Stacks, Barns and Granarys, severall Rucks [= ricks or stacks] and quantitys of Hay, all sorts of Husbandry Geer, Debts due upon Bills, Bonds, Notes, Specialtyes [= a kind of bond], Judgments, Mortgages for years and in Fee, and other Securitys for moneys taken in his own Name, or in the Name or Names of some person or persons in trust for him, Arrears of Rent, Debts due upon Simple Contract, and Severall other goods, chattells and Personal Estate, amounting in the whole to the vallue of two thousand Pounds at the least,

And yo(u)r Orators further Shew that the said Christopher Laidman had Issue one Son and three Daughters, namely, John Laidman & Catherine Laidman, Margery Laidman & Martha Laidman,

That John is now liveing,

That Catherine, yo(u)r Orators Mother, intermarryed with Michael Green, Gent(leman), by whome she had no Issue Save yo(u)r Orators, and dyed before her Father,

That Margery intermarryed with Robert Loadsman, Gent(leman), who also dyed [i.e., Margery died] in her Fathers lifetime and left one only Child, Robert, now living,

That Martha was marryed to George Forster, Gent(leman), and is now liveing,

And yo(u)r Orators further Shew that their Said Grandfather, Christopher Laidman, tho(ugh) he Consented to and much approved of the Marriage between yo(u)r Orators Said Father and Mother, only gave her a Portion of one hundred and five pounds, tho(ugh) he gave [altered] three hundred pounds a peice [sic] to each of his other Daughters,

And yo(u)r Orators further Shew unto yo(u)r Lords(hi)pp, That the said John Laidman, some short time after the Death of the said Christopher Laidman, had letters of Administrac(i)on of all the goods and chattells, rights and creditts of the said Christopher Laidman, granted to him by the Proper Ordinary [i.e., by the ecclesiastical officer with immediate jurisdiction], but afterwards finding the said Will [i.e., the grant was made in the belief that Christopher had died intestate], by which not only a Legacy of one hundred pounds was given to him, the said John Laidman, but also all his said Fathers Books and Manuscripts, he, the said John Laidman, then made application to the Same Ordinary who had granted Administrac(i)on to him, that the same might be revoked,

And that Administrac(i)on de Novo [Latin: "from the beginning"], with the said Will annexed, might be granted to him, which was accordingly done,

And yo(u)r Orators further Shew, that the said John Laidman, by vertue of the said Administrac(i)on, hath gott into his possession all the Bills, Bonds, Mortgages, and other Securitys for money due to the said Christopher Laidman & hath possessed himself of all other his personall Estate, and hath since enjoyed the same, and hath Sold and disposed of great Part thereof, and hath not to this day exhibitted any Inventory thereof into the Spiritual Court, which he ought to have done, or if he hath, the same is imperfect and full of great omissions,

And yo(u)r Orators further shew unto yo(u)r L(or)ds(hi)pp, that they have frequently & in a friendly manner applyed to the said John Laidman to make a full discovery of all the personall Estate of the said Christopher Laidman, & have requested him that the same, after the Payment of the Said Christopher Laidmans Debts, Legacyes and Funerall Expences, might be distributed according to Law,

Which reasonable request yo(u)r Orators did not doubt, but that the said John Laidman would readily have Complyed with,

But now So itt is, May it please yo(u)r L(or)ds(hi)pp, that the said John Laidman, Combining & Confiderating [sic] with the said Robert Loadsman the Elder, Robert Loadsman the Younger, and George Forster and Martha his wife, and diverse other Persons to yo(u)r Orators unknown, whose Names, when discovered, yo(u)r Orat(o)rs pray may be herein inserted, with apt words to charge them withall, how to defraud and defeat yo(u)r Orators, refuses to make any discovery of the Personall Estate of the said Christopher Laidman, or to make any distribution thereof,

And the better to Colour these his unjust Practices, the said John Laidman? does now p(re)tend and give out in Speeches that he had found out and discovered Severall Debts due from the Said Christopher Laidman upon Bills, Bonds, Judgments and other Securityes which would amount unto a much greater Sum(m)e than the Effects of the said Christopher Laidman would satisfye [altered] and Pay,

Whereas yo(u)r Orators doe here particularly? Charge that the said Christopher Laidman left a very great personall Estate, much more than Sufficient to pay all his Debts and Legacyes,

All which actings and doeings of the said Confiderates are not only contrary to all right, equity and good Conscience, but tend? very much to the great loss and damage of yo(u)r Orators,

In Tender Consideration whereof, and forasmuch as yo(u)r Orators Wittnesses, who could prove the truth of all and Singular the Premisses aforesaid, are either Dead or gone into places beyond Seas, far distant from and unknown to yo(u)r Orators, who cannot expect [altered] to have the benefitt of their Testimonyes,

And forasmuch as your Orators have no relief in the Premisses?, save only by the favourable Aid and Assistance of this Hon(ou)r(a)ble Court,

To the end therefore that the said John Laidman, Robert Loadsman the Elder, Robert Loadsman the Younger, George Forster and Martha his wife, and other the Confiderates, when discovered, may true and perfect Answ(e)r make to all & singular the Premisses aforesaid upon their respect...ve? corporall Oaths, as fully & particularly as if the same were repeated and interrogated in the prayer of this Bill,

And, in particular, that the said John Laidman may Sett forth & discover whither [= whether] the said Christopher Laidman made any Such Will as is herein before Sett forth, and who was appointed Executor or Executrix thereof,

And if the said Christopher Laidmans wife Catherine did not dye before her Said husband, and how long before, and may discover where he found the said Will,

And may Sett forth when the Said Christopher Laidman dyed,

And if Administracion of all his goods, chattells & creditts was not comitted to him, and by whom, and when, and if the Same was not revoked,

and whither? Administrac(i)on de Novo [Latin: "from the beginning"], with the Said Will annexed, was not granted to him, and by whom, & when,

And that he may Sett forth & discover all and every the goods, chattells and personall Estate of the said Christopher Laidman which came to his hands, custody or Possession, or to the hands, custody [altered] or Possession of any other person or persons by his? delivery, or to his privity or knowledge, with the Particulars and true vallues thereof,

And how the Same, or any Part thereof, has been disposed of, and where, and for what prices,

And may also Sett forth and discover all and every the Mortgages in fee or for years, Bills, Bonds and other Securityes for moneys, due to the Said Christopher Laidman att the time of his Death, and the Dates and Contents of each Security, and from whom, and for Secureing what Sumes of money, and how much is due thereupon,

And may discover what Debts the said Christopher Laidman owed att the time of his Death, and of what Nature, and to whom oweing,

And what Security they have? for the same,

And that he may Sett forth and discover what Children his Said father had, how they were disposed of in marriage, and what portions he gave to each of them,

And if any of them be dead, and which of them, and if any and what Children they left,

And that the Said John Laidman, after the Payment of the Said Christopher Laidmans Debts?, Legacyes? and funeral expences, may distribute the Surplus of his personall Estate according to Law,

And that yo(u)r Orators may be relieved in all & singular the Premisses, according to what shall appear to yo(u)r L(or)ds(hi)pp to be [altered] just and Equitable,

May itt please yo(u)r Lords(hi)pp to grant unto yo(u)r Orators, his Ma(jes)tyes most gracious Writt, or Writts, of Subpena under the Seal of this Honourable Court, directed to the Said John Laidman, Robert Loadsman the Elder, Robert Loadsman the Younger, George Forster and Martha his wife, and other the Confiderates, when discovered, thereby requiring them, & every [= each one] of them, at a certain day and under a certain Pain, therein to be limitted, personally to be and ap...? before yo(u)r L(or)ds(hi)pp in this Hon(ou)r(a)ble Court,

And then & there true and perfect answ(e)r make to all & Singular the Premisses, and further to Stand [altered] to and abide Such Order and Decree in the Premisses as yo(u)r Lords(hi)pp shall think fitt & reasonable,

And yo(u)r Orators shall ever pray &c,

[below right: "Tho(mas) Clennell" who would be the clerk who wrote out the Bill of Complaint]

Bills of Complaint were usually not dated, but their approximate dates can be ascertained from when the Chancellors to whom they were addressed were in office, and sometimes from the dates when they were received by the court and when Writs were issued to follow up the cases.
Peter King, the 1st Lord King, was Chancellor from 1 June 1725 until 29 November 1733, and the date "14 May 1728" should be when the Bill was received by the court, so it can be dated to between 1 June 1725 and 14 May 1728. 
GREEN, Laidman (I2890)
169 1728: ‘of Kirby Ravensworth’ STUBBS, Martha (I14998)
170 1728: ‘of Kirby Ravensworth’.

The Yorkshire Poll Book, 1741:

The Poll for the County of York
Begun at the Castle of York on Wednesday the thirteenth of January One Thousand Seven hundred and Fourty-One.
Sir Lionel Pilkington, Bart
High Sheriff of the said County;

Cholmley Turner, Esq)
AND ) Candidates
George Fox, Esq. )

LADEMAN, Jonathan
Where Freeholds Lye: Bowes Parish
Places of Abode: Bowes Parish
Candidate: T

LADEMAN, Christopher
Where Freeholds Lye: Bowes Parish
Places of Abode: Bowes Parish
Candidate: F

Where Freeholds Lye: Chapple Allerton [Leeds]
Places of Abode: Chapple Allerton
Candidate: F

Where Freeholds Lye: Bowes
Places of Abode: Bowes
Candidate: F

Cholmley Turner inherited the estate of Kirkleatham, Yorks. from his great uncle, the philanthopist Sir William Turner. He continued in the philanthropic tradition of his great uncle, building the Free School which now houses Kirkleathem Hall Museum. Gifted with great wealth, Cholmley went on the Grand Tour in around 1710, absorbing the cultural and architectural highlights of Europe. A ministerial Whig, he narrowly won the above vote in 1710, with 8005 votes against George Fox’s 7049.

Possibly the Henry Laidman, defendant, mentioned in a parchment in the National Archives (reference regrettably not taken) concerning a property dispute with Thomas Heslop [K1301] et al., of which the preamble reads:
George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and soforth [sic, one word] To George Brown Thomas Willson & [illegible name] Thomas Heslop Samuel Lunn & Edward Norton Gents Greeting Whereas Richard Ullithorne Complainant hath lately exhibited his Bill of [?Compte] before us in our Court of Chancery against Henry Laidman Defendant and Whereas We have by our Writt lately commanded the said Defendant to appear before us in our said Chancery at a certain Day now past to answer the said Bill know yee that We have given unto three or Two of you full power and authority to [?take] the answer of the said Deft to the said Bill and therefore We command you any three or two of you that at such certain Day and Place as you shall think fit you go to the said Deft if he cannot conveniently come to you and take his answer to the said Bill on his Corporall Oath upon the Holy Evangelists to be administered by you any three or two of you the said Answer being distinctly and plainly wrote upon Parchment and when you shall have so taken it you are to send the same closed under the Seale of you any three or two of you unto us in our said Chancery without delay wheresoever it shall then be together with this Writt Witness our self at Westminster . the eighth day of May in the thirteenth year of our reign [1740].

This presumably cannot be the Henry Laidman who was buried at Chapel Allerton, according to the parish register of St Peter, Leeds:
Burials at Chapel Allerton Chapel in ye. year 1797
Henry / Laidman / Chapel Town / Sepr. 19
unless his baptism in 1701 is incorrect; but I cannot find a candidate for this burial. Did Henry have a son, also Henry? 
LAIDMAN, Henry (I10859)
171 1740: ... of the Parish of Staindrop in the County of Durham... LAIDMAN, Elizabeth (I20025)
172 1740: John Atkinson of Rookby [Rokeby] in the County of York... ATKINSON, John (I20026)
173 1749: Sailing unaccompanied on board the Everley, 351 tons, Master: John Dutchman, bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Advertisement for Settlers to Accompany Cornwallis - 1749


Whitehall, 7 March 1749

A proposal having been presented unto His Majesty for the establishing a civil government in the Province of Nova Scotia, in North America, as also for the better peopling and settling the said Province, and extending and improving the Fishery thereof, by granting lands within the same, and giving other encouragement to such of the officers and private men lately dismissed His Majesty's land and sea service, as shall be willing to settle in said Province. And His Majesty having signed his royal approbation of the report of the said proposals, the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, do by His Majesty's command, give notice that proper encouragement will be given to such of the officers and private men lately dismissed His Majesty's Land and Sea service, as are willing to accept of grants of land, and to settle with or without families in Nova Scotia. That 50 acres of land will be granted in fee simple to every private soldier or seaman, free from the payment of any quit rents or taxes for the term of ten years, at the expiration whereof no person to pay more than one shilling per annum, for every 50 acres so granted.

That a grant of 10 acres, over and above the 50, will be made to each private solider or seaman having a family, for every person including women and children of which his family shall consist, and from the grants made to them on the like conditions as their familes shall increase, or in proportion to their abilities to cultivate the same.

That eighty acres on like conditions will be granted to every officer under the rank of Ensign in the land service, and that of Lieutenant in the sea service, and to such as have families, fifteen acres over and above the said eighty acres, for every person of which their family shall consist.

That two hundred acres on like conditions will be granted to every Ensign, three hundred to every Lieutenant, four hundred to every Captain, and six hundred to every officer above the rank of Captain. And to such of the above mentioned officers as have families, a further grant of thirty acres will be made over and above their respective quotas for every person of which their family shall consist.

That the lands will be parcelled out to the settlers as soon as possible after their arrival, and a civil government established, whereby they will enjoy all the liberties, privileges and immunities enjoyed by His Majesty's subjects in any other of the Colonies and Plantations in America, under His Majesty's Government, and proper measures will also be taken for their security and protection.

That all such as are willing to accept of the above proposals shall, with their famiiliies, be subsisted during the passage, also for the space of twelve months after their arrival.

That they shall be furnished with arms and ammunition as far as will be judged necessary for their defence, with a proper quantity of materials and utensils for husbandry, clearning and cultivating the lands, erecting habitations, carrying on the fishery, and such other purposes as shall be deemed necessary for their support.

That all such persons as are desirious of engaging in the above settlement, do transmit by letter, or personally give in their names, signifying in what regiment or company, or on board what ship they last served, and if they have families they intend to carry with them, distinguishing the age and quality of such person to any of the following officers appointed to receive and enter the same in the books opened for that purpose, viz: -- John Pownell, Esq., Solicitor and Clerk of the Repts. of the Lords Comrs. of Trade and Plantations, at their office at Whitehall; John Russelll, Esq., Comr. of His Majesty's Navy at Portsmouth; Philip Vanburgh, Esq., Comr. of His Majesty's Navy at Plymouth.

And the proper notice will be given of the said Books being closed, as soon as the intended number shall be completed, or at least on the 7th day of April.

It is proposed that the Transports shall be ready to receive such persons on board on the 10th April, and be ready to sail on the 20th, and that timely notice will be given of the place or places to which such persons are to repair in order to embark.

That for the benefit of the settlement, the same conditions which are proposed to private soliders and seamen shall likewise be granted to Carpenters, Shipwrights, Smiths, Masons, Joiners, Brickmakers, Bricklayers and all other artificers necesssary in building or husbandry, not being private soliders or seamen.

That the same conditions as are proposed to those who have served in the capacity of Ensign shall extend to all Surgeons, whether they have been in His Majesty's service or not, upon their producing proper certificates of their being duly qualified.

By order of the Right Hon. the Lords Comrs. of Trade and Plantations.

Thomas Hill, Secretary. 
LAYDMAN, John (I15186)
174 1764: mentioned in his uncle Thomas' will
30 June 1780: will made, proved 18 July 1780, estate £100 
BUCKENHAM, Nicholas (I2090)
175 1776-1795: Howlowlgill

The Universal British Directory, London, 1792, gives a list of householders at that date.
Where the letter "F" appears after a name, it signified that the person is a freeholder.
Traders, Etc.
LANDMAN [sic], Jonathan. F. Farmer.
However, this could refer to Jonathan Laidman M1412.

St Giles Churchyard, Bowes, Yorks., MI, Grave No 238 Headstone:
in memory of Jonathan
and Elizabeth Laidman
Elizh Wife of Jonan
Laidman Died Decr Ye
1st 1795 Aged 42
Jonan Laidman Died
Decr 31st 1804 Aged 65

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/MOB 7/117
17 January 1776
(1) James Robinson of Barnard Castle, blacksmith, Robert Sewell of High Close, parish of Saint John, Yorkshire, and Joseph Willis of [ ] in the parish of Cockfield, yeoman
(2) [ ] Stanley of [ ] in the parish of Bowes, gent., and Thomas Bow of Kilmond Wood in the parish of Bowes, yeoman, Overseers of the Poor in the parish of Bowes, and Thomas Binckes of Stonyfield in the parish of Bowes, gent., and Jonathan Laydman of Bowes, yeoman, Churchwardens of the Parish of Bowes
Bond of (1) to (2) in £40 to indemnify the parish of Bowes in respect of the bastard child with which Jane Rain [of Bowes] is pregnant
(1 paper)

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/HH 3/4/148
1 December 1824
(1) James Hyslop of Gilmonby, Yorks., grocer and Mary, his wife
(2) John Martin of Arkengarthdale, Yorks., yeoman and Margaret, his wife
(3) Thomas Kipling of Howlowgill, Bowes, Yorks., yeoman and Elizabeth, his wife
(4) Thomas Wheldon of Barnard Castle, gentleman (The ladies being the heirs of Jonathan Laidman of Bowes who died intestate)
Deed to lead to the uses of a fine of a messuage at Gilmonby and a close called Lowfield (3a.) with the cow house thereon at Bowes, by (1), (2) and (3) to (4) in trust for (1) and (3) as tenants in common
(parchment, 1 membrane)

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/HH 3/4/56:
Legacy Duty receipts and papers for the estate of Jonathan Laidman deceased, 1 - 9 March 1825
(1 file, printed form)

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/HH 3/4/155
Memorandum concerning the baptism, marriage and burial certificates required for Jonathan Laidman and Thomas Kipling, n.d.
Certificate required
The Certificate of Baptism of Jonathan Laidman of...
The Marriages, and the Certificate of Baptisms of all his Children - Thomas Kipling -----? --? property ----- about the month of ----? 1839 as Bachelor intestate having Mr Kipling of Houlowgill his ---- ? Brother S----? 
LAIDMAN, Jonathan of Howlowlgill (I10779)
176 1780: mentioned in her father's will as "of Badingham" BUCKINGHAM, Mary (I2103)
177 1795: Howlgill, Bowes

St Giles Churchyard, Bowes, Yorks., MI, Grave No 238 Headstone:
in memory of Jonathan
and Elizabeth Laidman
Elizh Wife of Jonan
Laidman Died Decr Ye
1st 1795 Aged 42
Jonan Laidman Died
Decr 31st 1804 Aged 65

The Parish burial register states Elisabeth "of Howlgill. Widow of Jonathan Laidman" 
BELL, Elizabeth (I10781)
178 1796: Bradford, YKS

Letter from Ann Rhodes (1723-1795, sister of Mary Laidman née Rhodes, the wife of Revd William Laidman (1710-1782):

Bradford Jan y9 1796

Mr Bell
I haveing read your letter to Mr Rand [John Rand was an executor of Mary Rhodes’ Will] of the 5th inst I feel it is my duty to write a few lines to you upon the subject of it you must recollect that when the Money was placed out no Objection was then made by the Trustees to the security and the parties were in universal good credit this was all that Mr Laidmans will required I am rather surprized thearfore that you should see it reasonable or necessary that my Sisters effects should be withheld from us for the purpose of making up deficiencies my Sisters impatience might have been controuted [? not in Johnson] by the trustees for if the Bond was filled up and executed the Money was in your hand and by parting with it you doubtless acquiesced in the Security and as for the last hundred I can say that my Sister did not know of it you may remember that you and I was in Mr Shaftoos Offices and thear I was askd to give leave for the last hundred for my Sister at that time if you had made the least objections I should not have given leave some time after I inquired ^of Mr Shaftoo^ if the Money was gone and he told me that it was waiting till young Sollman came to sign the Bond I am much concerned to find that your Trusteeship brings such tro^b^le upon you but I hope the affairs will end in a satisfactory manner as you donot say that a deficiency is certain however if it is it will not be thought just as circumstances stand that it should be made good with my Sisters property and I am truly glad that the Trustees are not responsible for any monies my best respects attend you Mrs Bell and the famely
from Sr Yr Obedent Servt Ann Rhodes

P S I know that my Sister wrote to
have the Salmons sued for the Money
but it was declined at the Request of
one or both the Trustees. 
RHODES, Ann (I2564)
179 18 Broadway BURROWS, John Henry (I15546)
180 18 Jan 1905, Carnforth, Lancashire, England [GRO M1905 Lancaster 8e 1069 (Entry 236)]
18 905 Marriage solemnized at THE PARISH CHURCH in the PARISH of CARNFORTH in the County of LANCASTER
236 January 18th 18 905
Thomas William Wood 19 Bachelor Farm Labourer (residence: ) Priest Hutton (father: ) Robert Wood Farm Bailiff
Elizabeth Ellen Laidman 21 Spinster Domestic (residence: ) Howthwaite Terrace Carnforth (father: ) John Laidman Labourer
Married in the PARISH CHURCH according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by -------------- or after Banns by me, (indecipherable name) Vicar
This Marriage was solemnized between us,
Thomas William Wood Elizabeth Ellen Laidman
In the Presence of us,
George Arthur Murray Susannah Laidman

Note: Carnforth is about 10 km (6 mi) SSE of Beetham (where Elizabeth Ellen's parents were at the time of the 1901 census). Priest Hutton is about 5 km (3 mi) NE of Carnforth. 
Family F8954
181 18 May 1769, William Laidman of ye Chapelry of Widdrington & Jane Crispe of this parish ... by banns ... Both parties signed their names clearly. Witnesses: John Charleton & Jno. Humphrey.

"LONGHORSLEY is bounded by the parishes and chapelries of Rothbury, Framlington, Felton, Hebron, Mitford and Netherwitton. It is about 7 miles in length, and 3 in breadh, and contains both coal and limestone. The soil is generally clayey; and, though the surface is very monotonous, yet it lies high, and the air is sharp and piercing. This parish contains eight townships..."
[From History, Directory, and Gazetteer, of the Counties of Durham and Northumberland, Parson and White, 1828.] 
Family F1726
182 18 May 1804, John Laidman and Jane Hewit, both of P[arish] by Banns
Witnesses: John Fribank, Phillis Bowman 
Family F7249
183 18.10.1865: Bickerstaffe, Cheshire

1881 census return: RG11/3520 folio 25 page 11
Church Lane, Barnton, Cheshire
Saml. L. Laidman, head, married, 44 , Vicar of Barnton, born Bootle, Lancs.
Alice Laidman, wife, married, 35, Vicar Wife, born Mitton, Lancs.
Herbert L. Laidman, son, 10, scholar, born Pemberton, Lancs.

1891 census return: RG12/2835 folio 38 page 46
Chester, Barnton, Church Lane
Samuel L. Laidman, Head, Married, Vicar Barnton (Clergy), born Lancaster Bootle
Alice Laidman, Wife, Married, 46, born Lancaster Bailey
Herbert L. Laidman, son, single, 20, Medical Student, born Lancaster Pemberton

1901 census return: RG13/3340 folio 30 page 27
Comberbach, Cheshire, The Avenue
Herbert L. Laidman, Head, M, 30, Medical Student, born Lancashire Pemberton
Louisa Laidman, Wife, M, 32, born Cheshire Gt. Budworth
Elsie L. Laidman, Daur, S, 1, born Cheshire Comberbach
Alice Laidman, Mother, Wid, 56, Living on own means, born Lancashire Baily

1911 census return: RG14PN21657 RG78PN1290 RD447 SD1 ED5 SN257
Cheshire, Weaverham, Northwich, Off Tarporley Road
Alice Laidman, Head, Widow, 66, 1845, Private Means, born Lancs Bailey
Elsie Lancaster Laidman, Grandchild, 11, 1900, School, born Cheshire Comberbach
Sarah Jane Haslehurst, Visitor, Single, 32, 18979, born Cheshire Barnton 
ELLISON, Alice (I3476)
184 1804, 1810: Southwark.
1806: Mention in The Times, 2 Oct, under “Partnerships Dissolved”: James Peart, Thomas Drake and John Laidman, Gravel Lane, Southwark, hat-manufacturers.
1810: Mentions in The Times, 19, 26 & 30 Nov, under Bankruptcies, Meetings of Creditors etc. “J. Laidman, Gravel-Lane, Christ-Church, Surrey, hat manufacturer, to surrender Nov. 27, Dec 1, 29, at Guildhall. Attorney, Mr Meymott, Burrow’s-buildings, Blackfriars-road.”
1827, Parson & White’s Durham & Northumberland Directory: John Laidman, (of) Bank, auctioneer and appraiser.

Monumental inscription, St Mary, Barnard Castle:
who died July 16th 1794,
AGED 62.
wife of the above, Wm THOMPSON
who died August 11th 1831.
AGED 88.
Son in Law of the above WILLIAM
and RACHEL THOMPSON, who died
August 9th 1827, Aged 47.
LAIDMAN, wife of the above
September 28th 1839 Aged 55.
LAIDMAN, Son of the above,
January 8th 1844 Aged 37. 
LAIDMAN, John (I9889)
185 1806: Howlougill, Bowes

Durham Record Office, Ref No. D/HH 3/4/148
1 December 1824
(1) James Hyslop of Gilmonby, Yorks., grocer and Mary, his wife
(2) John Martin of Arkengarthdale, Yorks., yeoman and Margaret, his wife
(3) Thomas Kipling of Howlowgill, Bowes, Yorks., yeoman and Elizabeth, his wife
(4) Thomas Wheldon of Barnard Castle, gentleman (The ladies being the heirs of Jonathan Laidman of Bowes who died intestate)
Deed to lead to the uses of a fine of a messuage at Gilmonby and a close called Lowfield (3a.) with the cow house thereon at Bowes, by (1), (2) and (3) to (4) in trust for (1) and (3) as tenants in common
(parchment, 1 membrane) 
LAIDMAN, Margaret (I10783)
186 1810 Received a legacy from Jonathan Laidman (L1777 - see transcription of his Will dated 10 January 1810), brother of her deceased husband, placing her death after this date. Jane (I12297)
187 1818-1822: Churchwarden at St. Peter's, Thorington
All the children of this couple were registered as "BUCKINGHAM"

1841 census return: HO107/1043/7 folio 10 page 12
[Suffolk] Ipswich, Woodbridge Road
John[?] Buckingham, 30, Miller, Y
Martha Buckingham, 35, Ind., Y
Mildred Buckingham, 70, Ind., Y
Nicholas Buckingham, 78, Ind., Y 
BUCKINGHAM, Nicholas (I2115)
188 1826: Hesket, Cumberland

The Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland 1829 includes the entry:
LAIDMAN Mrs High House Petteril Crooks
This Mrs Laidman was almost certainly Jane, by now the widow of William [N1506]. In a set of early maps, I found Petterel Crooks (‘e’ instead of ‘i’) about 4 km W of High Hesket and 3.5 km NE of Ivegill on the Petterel River. I have also located, in an on-line Ordinance Survey map, "High House Fm" (presumably "Fm" stands for "Farm") SE of Southwaite and between the railway line and the M6 motorway. This may have been the "High House" abode of N1506 William (mentioned in his will) and that of Mrs Laidman (in the 1829 Principal Inhabitants). It is clearly in the parish of Hesket-in-the-Forest. I have also located a "Hill Houses", about 2.5 km ENE of Thomas Close and 1.5 km NW of Calthwaite. "Hill House" was given as the abode of William [O1992] and Deborah Laidman on the baptism entries for son John and daughter Jane. Also, the baptism of Deborah in 1801 recorded the father, John Graham, as "Farmer", "abode Hillhouses". From its location, "Hill Houses" would be in the southernmost part of the Hesket-in-the-Forest parish.

1841 Census: HO 107/166/7 folio 6 page 5
1841: age 70 (i.e., 70-74 range), of independent means, at Lowhouse, Wetheral, Cumberland, England, with daughter Margaret (40, i.e., 40-44) in a household headed by farmer Peter COLLINSON, his family, a blacksmith and five servants:
Peter Collinson 45 (Male) Farmer No (born in County)
Jane Collinson 40 (Female) Y (born in County)
Elizabeth Collinson 3 (Female) Y (born in County)
Peter Collinson 1 (Male) Y (born in County)
Jane Laidman 70 (Female) Ind(ependent Means) Y (born in County)
Margaret Laidman 40 (Female) Ind(ependent Means) Y (born in County) [sic, actually born Temple Sowerby, Westmorland]
William Wright 25 (Male) B(lack) Smith Y (born in County)
John Park 25 (Male) M(ale) S(ervant) Y (born in County)
John Armstrong 25 (Male) M(ale) S(ervant) Y (born in County)
Robert Pugmoor 25 (Male) M(ale) S(ervant) Y (born in County)
Jane Mavers(?) 15 (Female) F(emale) S(ervant) Y (born in County)
Sarah Brunson(?) 15 (Female) F(emale) S(ervant) Y (born in County)
Note that Jane's daughter Elizabeth, husband Thomas THIRLWALL (as THIRWELL) and family, together with Jane’s illegitimate grandaughter Ann(O1588), were residing at Froddle Crook and were listed two household schedules prior to this one. [HO 107/166/7 folio 5 page 4]
[Note: From age 70 (i.e., 70-74) recorded in the 1841 census return, Jane LAIDMAN (née BROWN) would have been born between 1767 and 1771, allegedly in Cumberland]

Probable death registration for Jane LAIDMAN (née BROWN), wife of N1506 William LAIDMAN:
ENTRY OF DEATH [GRO D1844 Longtown 25 80]
1844 DEATH in the Sub-district of Longtown Low in the County of Cumberland
Eleventh of October 1844 at Millendbrouhead(?) Parish of Kirkandrews Jane Ladiman (sic) Female (Age) 75 Years Widow of William Ladiman (sic) Farmer (Cause of death) Apoplexy (Informant) John Lee Deputy Coroner Brampton (Registered) Fourth of December 1844.
1. LADIMAN is a not uncommon corruption of the spelling of LAIDMAN.
2. The Registration District is Longtown and the town/village of Longtown is only about 10 kilometres (12 miles) NNW of Wetheral, where Jane LAIDMAN (née BROWN) was resident at the time of the 1841 census.
3. In that 1841 census, Jane was recorded as 70 (i.e., age in the range 70 to 74) and this is consistent with age 75 at death in 1844.
4. Jane's daughter O1417 Margaret, who was residing with her at the time of the 1841 census, was elsewhere and not with her mother at the 1851 census, suggesting that Jane died before the 1851 census.
5. Jane's husband was indeed William LAIDMAN (N1506), a farmer, who had died in 1826.
6. A copy of this Jane LADIMAN's will (if it exists) could confirm whether she was Jane LAIDMAN (née BROWN). 
BROWN, Jane (I10065)
189 1830: Morpeth, Northumberland

1841 census return: HO107/824/9 folio 26 page 1
[Northumberland] Newcastle upon Tyne, Westgate, Adrianople
John Laidman, 36, Labourer, Y
Elizabeth Laidman, 36, Y
Elizabeth Laidman, 1 [sic, for 10], Y
Ann Laidman, 9, Y
John Laidman, 5, Y
Henry Laidman, 3, Y
Mary Laidman, 1, Y
Frederick Laidman, 7month, Y

1851 Census Returns: HO107/2404 folio 280 page 44
11 William Street, Newcastle upon Tyne
John M. Laidman, head, married, 46, Stone Quarryman, born Northumberland
Elizabeth Laidman, wife, married, 45, born Northumberland
Ann Laidman, daur. unm. 18, Dressmaker, born Morpeth, Northumberland
John Laidman, son, 15, ------ ?, born Morpeth, Northumberland
Henry Laidman, son, 13, Errand Boy, born Morpeth, Northumberland
Mary Laidman, daur, 11, born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
George Laidman, son, 7, born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland
Isabella Laidman, daur. 3, born Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland

1861 census return: RG9/3811 folio 105 page 38
21 Willm. St, Westgate, Newcastle on Tyne
John Laidman, Head, M, 56, Quarry Man, born Northd. Widdrington
Elizth Laidman, Wife, M, 55, born Northd. Woodhorn
Mary Laidman, Daur, Un, 21, born Northd. Newcastle

Monumental inscription in Westgate Hill Cemetery, Newcastle-on-Tyne:
DODDS, Elizabeth (I2806)
190 1832 No. 106
Thomas Todd p Stanhope Gent & Farmer Bac & Miss
Mary Dent, tp, L. cP, 10 May by J.L.
Wit John Laidman, William Shaw, Thomas Todd, Mary Dent
M.A. Shaw, Anthony Walton 
Family F10876
191 1834 Pigott's Directory of the North of England
Seaton Sluice, Hartley, Holywell, Monk Seaton
HARPER, John, Hartley.

1841 census return: HO107/820/17 folio 42 page 32
County of Northumberland, Hartley
John Harper, 50, Tailor, Y [born in county]
Jane Harper, 50, Y
Andrew Thompson, 15, Tailor Ap, Y
John Curry, 15, Tailor Ap, Y
Jane Brown, 20, F[emale] S[ervant], Y

1851 census return: HO107/2412 folio 232 page 23
Northumberland, Hartley, Town of Hartley
John Harper, Head, Mard, 60, Marchant Taylor, born Northumd. Hartley
Jane Harper, Wife, Mard, 70, born Northumd. [illegible word: ?Ovingham]
Elizabeth Miller, Servant, Umd., 12, House Servant, born Northd. Hartley

1861 census return: RG9/3843 folio 61 page 5
[Northumberland] Whitley, 8 [illegible words: “F at OK”. Other entries have “Whitley Village”]
John Harper, Head, Widr, 45, Grocer & Tailor, born Northumberland Earsdon
Jane Ann Harper, Daur, Un, 20, Housekeeper, born Northumberland Earsdon
Sarah P Harper, Daur, Un, 15, House Servant, born Northumberland Tynemouth
Mary I Harper, Daur, 13, Scholar, born Northumberland Tynemouth
Thomas Harper, Son, 10, Scholar, born Northumberland Tynemouth
George E Harper, Son, 6, Scholar, born Northumberland Tynemouth
John Harper, Father, W, 70, Tailor, born Northumberland Earsdon 
HARPER, John (I1239)
192 1834-1839: Town Gate, Ainstable, Cumberland
1841: Age 10, Ainstable, Cumberland
1842: Alby Field, Cumrew, Cumberland
1857: Cumrew, Cumberland
1862: Blackwell, Cumberland
1871: Blackwell, Cumberland

1841 census for Ainstable HO 107-171, 171/5, p. 20
Ainstable, Cumberland
William Laidman 40 (Male) Farmer y (born in County)
Deborah Do 40 (Female) y (born in County)
Jane Do 15 (Female) y (born in County)
John Do 12 (Male) y (born in County)
Ann Do 10 (Female) y (born in County)
William Do 8 (Male) y (born in County)
Thomas Do 6 (Male) y (born in County)
Deborah Do 4 (Female) y (born in County)
Christopher Do 1 (Male) y (born in County)
Joseph Bell 20 (Male) y(es, born in County)

1851 census return: H.O. 107/2427 566/1 folio 7 page 7 (Schedule 23, continued on folio 8 page 8)
23 Albyfield, Cumrew
William Laidman, Head, Mar., 49, Farmer of 123 acres of arable land and 280 acres of Mountain land (Employing 1 Labourer), born Westmorland Temple Sowerby
Deborah Laidman, Wife, Mar., 50, Farmer’s Wife, born Cumberland Hesket
John Laidman, Son, U, 22, Ag. Lab. Employed on the farm, born Cumberland Hesket
Ann Laidman, Daur, U, 21, Ag. Lab. Employed on the farm, born Cumberland Hutton
William Laidman, Son, U, 18, Ag. Lab. Employed on the farm, born Cumberland Hutton
Thomas Laidman, Son, U, 16, Ag. Lab. Employed on the farm, born Cumberland Ainstable
Deborah Laidman, Daur., 13, Ag. Lab. Employed on the farm, born Cumberland Ainstable
Christopher Laidman, Son, 11, Ag. Lab., born Cumberland Ainstable
Mary Laidman, Daur., 8, born Cumberland, Cumrew
Tamar Hodgson, Serv., U, 19, Farm Servant, born Cumberland Castlecarrock

1861 Census, RG9/3917 folio 41 page 28 (Schedule 152)
Farm House, Blackwell Low, Upperby, Cumberland, England
Joseph Westmorland Head Mar(ried) 34 Farmer (born) Cumberland Causeby
Ann Westmorland Wife Mar(ried) 31 (born) Cumberland Thomas Close
Christopher (sic: for William) Westmorland Son 4 (born) Cumberland Abey Field (sic: for Albyfield)
William (sic: for Christopher) Laidman Brother in Law Un(married) 20 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Ainstable
Sarah Beatie Servant Un(married) 26 Servant (born) Cumberland Becklees(?)
1. The enumerator erroneously transposed the given names of Christopher (Ann’s brother) and William (Ann’s son).
2. Of further interest is the fact that P1440 Christopher LAIDMAN and Catherine NOBLE (whom he married in 1867) were living in close proximity at this time. Catherine featured in Schedule 137, living with her parents and younger sister in Blackwell Terrace, Blackwell Low. [RG9/3917 folio 40 page 25 (Schedule 137)]
James Noble Head Mar(ried) 40 Calico Printer (born) Lancashire Bolton
Mary Noble Wife Mar(ried) 45 (born) Cumberland Penrith
Catherine Noble Daur Un(married) 20 Dressmaker (born) Cumberland Blackwell
Mary Noble Daur 12 Scholar (born) Cumberland Carlisle

1870: Witness at her brother William’s wedding.

1861 census return: RG9/3917 folio 41 page 28 (Schedule 152)
Farm House, Blackwell Low, Upperby, Cumberland
Joseph Westmorland Head Mar(ried) 34 Farmer (born) Cumberland Causeby
Ann Westmorland Wife Mar(ried) 31 (born) Cumberland Thomas Close
Christopher (sic) Westmorland Son 4 (born) Abey (sic) Field
William (sic) Laidman Brother in Law Un(married) 20 Farm Servant (born) Cumberland Ainstable
Sarah Beatie Servant Un(married) 26 Servant (born) Cumberland Becklees(?)

1871 census return: RG10/5219 folio 86 page 32
Blackwell Low, Upperby Ecclesiastical District, Carlisle Registration District, St Cuthbert Sub-district, Cumberland County.
Ann Westmorland, Head, Wid, 40, Farmer of 100 acres, born Cumberld Hutton
William Westmorland, Son, 14, Scholar, born Cumberld Cumrew
Joseph Westmorland, Son, 9, Scholar, born Cumberld Blackwell
Christopher Laidman, Brother, Mar, 31, Manager of farm, born Cumberld Ainstable
Margaret Linley, Servt, Unmar, 21, Farm Servant, born Cumberld Cumrew
Thomas Reay, Servt Unmar, 21, Farm Servant, born Scotland.

1881 census return: RG11/5156 folio 93 page 48
Blackwell Low, Cumberland
Ann Westmorland head widow 51 (born) Hutton, Cumberland
Jos. Westmorland unmar 18 (born) Blackwell, Cumberland
Wm Irving mar 26 (born) Wigton, Cumberland
Richard Lightfoot 15 (born) Wigton, Cumberland
Jane Armstrong unmar 23 (born) Wetheral, Cumberland

1891 census returns: RG12/4287 folio 89 page 21
Blackwell Low, Cumberland
Ann Westmorland Head Wid 63 Farmer (employer) (born) Cumberland Hutton
Joseph Westmorland Son S(ingle) 23 Farmer's Son (employed) (born) Cumberland Blackwell
William Little Servant S(ingle) 23 Farm Servant (employed) (born) Cumberland Blackwell
Ellen Lomas Servant S(ingle) 27 General Servant (Domestic) (employed) (born) Cumberland Holme Cultram

Gravestone inscription (in graveyard attached to Church of St John the Baptist, Upperby):
LAIDMAN, Ann (I9994)
193 1837: 139 Curtain Road, Shoreditch
1884: King John Court, Shoreditch, Middx 
THOMERSON, John (I780)
194 1837: 139 Curtain Road, Shoreditch PECK, Mary Anne (I781)
195 1837: 5 London Street, Hackney Road, Bethnal Green
1848: 8 London Street, Bethnal Green 
BLACK, Phoebe (I776)
196 1837: Beneficiary of the Will of John Laidman (M1884) q.v.

1861 census return: RG9/2686 folio 117 page 23
Liverpool, 19 St Bride St
Christopher Ullathorne, Head, Mar, 40, Draper’s Book Keeper, born Yorkshire Scarbro
Mary Ann Ullathorne, Wife, mar, 33, born Lancashire Liverpool
Emma M Ullathorne, daur, 7, Scholar, born Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Ullathorne, Daur, 5, Scholar, born Lancashire Liverpool
Laura Ullathorne, Daur, 3, born Lancashire Liverpool
William Ullathorne, Son, 1, born Lancashire Liverpool
Martha Gittins, Serv, Un, 32, House Servant, born Salop [illegible]

1871 census return: RG10/3821 folio 81 page 5
Everton, Liverpool. 59 Hilshaw St
Christopher Ullathorne, Head, Mar, 50, Clerk Flat Warehouse, born York. Scarbro
Mary Ann Ullathorne, Wife, Mar, 42, born Lancaster Liverpool
William Ullathorne, Son, 10, Scholar, born Lancaster Liverpool
Alfred Ullathorne, Son, 8, Scholar, born Lancaster Liverpool
Margaret Ullathorne, Dau, 7, Scholar, born Lancaster Liverpool
Hannah Ullathorne, Daughter, 5, born Lancaster Liverpool
Edwin Ullathorne, Son, 2, born Lancaster Liverpool

1881 census returns, RG11/3710 folio 141 page 45
2 Sutcliffe Street, West Derby, Lancs
Christopher Ullathorne, head, married, 55, Commercial Bookkeeper, born Scarbro, Yorks
Mary Ullathorne, wife, married, 50, born Liverpool, Lancs
Emma Ullathorne, daur. unm. 24, Jewellers Assistant, born Liverpool, Lancs
Louisa Ullathorne, daur. unm. 22, Photographic Artist, born Liverpool, Lancs
William Ullathorne, son, unm. 21, Dock Laborer, born Liverpool, Lancs
Alfred Ullathorne, son, unm. 19, Joiner, born Liverpool, Lancs
Hannah Ullathorne, daur. unm. 15, scholar, born Liverpool, Lancs
Edwin Ullathorne, son, unm. 12, scholar, born Liverpool, Lancs

1891 census return: RG12/2936 folio 39 page 9
Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 36 Cawdor St
Christopher Ullathorne, Head, M, 70, Retired Draper, born Yorkshire Scarboro’
Mary A Ullathorne, Wife, M, 60, born Liverpool
Margaret Ullathorne, daur, S, 35, Governess, born Liverpool
Hannah Ullathorne, daur, S, 23, born Liverpool
Arthur J Flower, lodger, S, 30, Jewellers Assistant, born Lymm Manchester
[Note: Arthur Flower was the son of Mary Ann’s sister Elizabeth] 
LAIDMAN, Mary Ann (I10439)
197 1837: Beneficiary of the Will of John Laidman M1884 died 21 March 1837 q.v.

1851 census return: HO107/2175 folio 403 page 15
[Cheshire] Birkenhead, 128 Brook St.
Josh. Dodd, Head, Mar, 28, Traveller for Porter Brewer, born Ireland
Margt. Dodd, Wife, Mar, 26, born Lancr. Lpool
W. L. Dodd, Son, U, 3mo, born Lancr. Lpool
M.W. [sic] Dodd, Daur, U, 1, born Lancr. Lpool
Alice Murphy, Serv., U, 16, Ho. Servt., born Lancr. Lpool

1861 census return: RG9/2645 folio 55 page 13
[Cheshire] Bebington, Church Road, Tranmere Park Hotel
Joseph Dodd, Head, Mar, 38, Hotel-Keeper, born Ireland
Margaret Dodd, Wife, Mar, 35, born Lancashire Liverpool
Mary W Dodd, Daur, 12, Scholar, born Lancashire Liverpool
James Dodd, Son, 10, Scholar, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Margaret L. Dodd, Daur, 8, Scholar, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Emily Dodd, Daur, 6, Scholar, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Edith Dodd, Daur, 4, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Joseph Dodd, Son, 2, born Cheshire Tranmere
John L. Dodd, Son, 8Mo, born Cheshire Tranmere
Ann Walton, Serv, Un, 22, Bar Maid, born Cheshire Crowton
Betty Williams, Serv, Un, 20, House Serv, born Cheshire Little Nep
Henry Booth, Lodger, Mar, 35, Car Proprietor, born Lancashire Liverpool

1871 census return: RG10/3750 folio 99 page 14
[Cheshire] Tranmere, Birkenhead, 21 Wesley St.
Joseph Dodd, Head, Mar., 48, Commission Agent, born Ireland
Margaret Dodd, Wife, Mar., 45, born Lancashire Liverpool
Mary W. Dodd, Daur, unm., 21, Mantle Maker, born Lancashire Liverpool
James Dodd, Son, unm, 19, Clerk in Brewery Co, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Margaret L. Dodd, Daur, unm., 17, Saleswoman (General), born Cheshire Birkenhead
Emily Dodd, Daur, unm., 15, Scholar, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Edith Dodd, Daur, unm., 14, Scholar, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Joseph Dodd, Son, 12, Scholar, born Cheshire Tranmere
George A. Dodd, son, 8, Scholar, born Cheshire Tranmere
Harry Dodd, Son, 7, Scholar, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Herbert Dodd, Son, 5, Scholar, born Cheshire Tranmere

1881 census return: RG11/3584 folio 148 page 49
[Cheshire] Tranmere, Birkenhead, 5 Church Terrace
Margaret Dodd, Head, Wid, 55, born Lancashire Liverpool
Emily Dodd, Daur, Unm, 25, Dressmaker, born Cheshire Birkenhead
Edith Dodd, Daur, Unm, 24, Dressmaker, born Cheshire Birkenhead
George Dodd, son, 18, born Cheshire Tranmere
Harry Dodd, Son, 17, born Cheshire Oxton
Herbert Dodd, Son, 15, born Cheshire Tranmere 
LAIDMAN, Margaret (I10438)
198 1837: born 5 Lomdon Street, Hackney Road, Bethnal Green THOMERSON, Ruth (I3800)
199 1838. Marriage solemnized at Earsdon in the Parish of Earsdon in the Count_ of Northumberland
No. 74
When married: August 25 1838
William Laidman, of Age, Batchelor, Draper, Hartley, [father] William Laidman, Mason
Mary Harper, of Age, Spinster, [no profession], Hartley, [father] John Harper, Merchant Sailor
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by me, Henry Warkman / Minr. of Earsdon
This marriage was solemnized between us,
William Laidman
Mary Harper
in the Presence of us,
James Warkman
Clement Kell[?] 
Family F423
200 1838: 1 Bath Street, Hackney Road, Bethnal Green
1814: baptised 29 AUG 1814 at Hoxton, Shoreditch
1837: married at St Leonard's Shoreditch
1838: Porter 
THOMERSON, Edward (I785)

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